Billy Strawter

Billy Strawter Jr is the Founder of MILO - a black-owned advertising agency, a partner in Busted Bra Shop with 5 locations in Detroit, Rochester, and Chicago, and owner of BLAC Inc. - a multimedia company that publishes BLAC Magazine with local city websites in Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, and Detroit.

Revving Past Barriers: Myles Rowe and His Impact in Racing

Witness history in the making! Myles Rowe, an exceptional African-American talent, accelerates to new heights with HMD Motorsports in the Indy NXT! 🏁🌍💨

The 1963 March on Washington – A Brilliant Strategy

It's been 60 years since the march on Washington but the struggle for equity continues. Commemorating history & hand-carved paths towards a fair future ✊?

Unraveling the Jazz Odyssey of Mike Monford: The Man Behind the Music

?Step into Mike Monford's world - a harmonious blend of jazz, hip hop, mentorship, and Afrofuturistic beats! #MikeMonford #Afrofuturism #Jazz

Poll Showing Black Americans More Confident About Retirement May Reflect A False Sense of Security

Sometimes polling data can reveal more than the numbers they supposedly project. It can be a case of anything from needing to understand the question to being naive about...

BLAC Racing: Uncovering the Legacy and Future of Black Motorsports

? Dive into the world of Black Motorsports! Celebrate the trailblazers and discover rising stars shaping the future of racing. ?️?

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