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The Importance of Raising Black Kids to Love Their Natural Hair

Black children shouldn't feel bad about their natural hair; they should feel proud and celebrate it. As parents, beginning this journey of self-love early is something they’ll carry through to adulthood confidently. 

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Eight Stand Out Black Luxury Bag Designers With Unique Takes On Luxury

And while the holidays are just around the corner, here's a list of Black-founded and created luxury bag brands whose unique takes on design making us oh-so-excited to buy Black, whenever possible. Carrying a bag from a Black designer can feel like being a part of a secret society.

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6 Natural Hairstyle Trends for Black Children

The best way to encourage your little ones to love their natural hair is to encourage them to experiment with new styles.
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The Blck List, CBS Studios and NAACP Announce Initiative to Discover Black Writing Talent

CBS Studios, NAACP and The Black List announced an initiative to discover Black Talent in episodic, screenplay writing.

Decorated with the Medal of Freedom

President Biden named seventeen recipients of the 2022 Presidential Medal of Freedom including Denzel Washington, Sandra Lindsay and Diane Nash.

Snapchat Gives $125,000 to Black Creators

Snapchat launches a new program that will give 25 Black content creators support and other resources to help them get the recognition they deserve.

ESPN Names Cream of Crop for 2022 ESPYS

ESPN announced the nominees for the annual ESPYS yesterday. Stephen Curry, Candace Parker and Allyson Felix are some of the top names among the nominees.

Airbnb Permanently Bans Parties in Michigan

Airbnb introduces a new ban over July 4 aimed aimed at trying to stop unauthorized parties. This party ban applies to all future bookings on Airbnb and it will remain in effect indefinitely until further notice.

Life Expectancy Lowest Among Black Americans

The life expectancy of Black Americans has improved in recent years — but continues to be lower than that of white people.

Farmington Hills Police Chief Used Images of Black Men for Target Practice

The chief of police in Farmington Hills, Michigan who admitted that his department used targets of Black male images at their shooting range is...

Legendary Hip-Hop Music Executive Chaka Zulu Injured in Atlanta Shooting

Music executive Chaka Zulu, the longtime manager of rapper Ludacris, was one of three men shot Sunday night in Buckhead.

Farmers Compete for Cannabis License Worth $50M 

Twelve Black farmers are competing in Florida for a single medical cannabis license that is a guaranteed game-changer. The license could potentially be worth $50 million.

Facebook Settles Discrimination Lawsuit on Housing Ads 

Meta — the social media giant that owns Facebook and Instagram — has settled a landmark discrimination lawsuit with the U.S. Justice Department that accused the company of using its targeted advertising system to allow landlords to market housing ads in a discriminatory manner. 

Ex-Tesla Worker Declines $15M Award in Race Bias Case

The former employee turned down the award saying it would mean that Tesla would make no meaningful change in their practices.

President Biden Proclaims June as Black Music Appreciation Month

June is Black Music Appreciation Month, and this year, President Biden has declared that it will be a time to celebrate the profound and...

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Sex Furniture, It’s A Thing

Did you know that sex furniture is a thing? Well, it is, and here are a few Black-owned brands that can get you started.

5 Valuable Lessons Black Athletes Taught us in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games

With a long history of being a stage for political demonstrations, the Olympics is no stranger to social activism. Despite the International Olympics Committee’s...

By Trade: Exploring College Alternatives

Students across Detroit are looking ahead to another academic year. Some will go to a four-year college, but that’s not the path for everyone. And...


LET ME TELL YOU A QUICK STORY OR TWO. I grew up with 16 siblings. Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of humans! We weren’t...

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